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washing, filling, capping 3-in-1 machine DR24-24-8S DR24-24-8S

  • washing, filling, capping 3-in-1 machine DR24-24-8S
  • washing, filling, capping 3-in-1 machine DR24-24-8S
Item Code:DR24-24-8S Features:3-in-1 machine consists of washing the bottles, filling liquid into bottles and then capping the caps...
  • Description

DR24/24/8S of PET bottles washing / filling / capping three-in-one machine is dedicated to the mineral water, purified water vapor and other non-beverage filling the advanced models. The aircraft targeted a transmission bottleneck; only minimal changes to transform pieces can be applied to a variety of sizes of the format, the greatest extent possible reduction of wear and tear on the bottle, a smooth transfer. Filling approach to micro-gravity vacuum filling, increase the speed of filling, the filling can be precise control level. Health-circulation lines for product quality to provide a reliable guarantee.

Main technical specification:
☆ Rack
The main structural steel and the surface are 304 stainless steel cladding and 304 stainless steel frame, and adjustable foot of stainless steel
☆The part of rotary bottle washing
The number of washing chuck is 24, and the washers are stable and reliable, high-efficiency
☆The part of Rotary filling
The number of filling valve is 24, and the parts of contacting products are 304 stainless steel materials. Filling cylinders of both internal and external surfaces are deal with mirror polish.
☆The part of rotary cap
The number of cap is 8, and the level of cap-covered grounds, with no damage to the caps’ surface, covered hopper with less automatically send signals to the aircraft shelters, with auto-cover feature.
☆The part of elevator
The domestic well-known motor and reducer, 304 stainless steel cover, reducing the cap on the secondary pollution, 304 stainless steel cover under capping, covered warehouses and covered under a covered slot with electronic uncovered detection system, automatic control sending capping machines and the whole operating speed. Do not send bottles can be realized without cover, not covered under the cover automatic shutdown.
☆End feeder
All sealed 304 stainless steel cap, covered conveyor belt sent to a smooth, no noise. Automatic control systems, covered with justifications for the electronic detection system machines control the operation.
☆Power system
Frequency Control, the various sports bodies are pieces of gear transmission, a smooth operation, all-round loser bottles for engineering plastics components, with security agencies.
☆Control system and operation panel
Electronic sealed boxes, 304 stainless steel, imports PLC, inverter, relays, optoelectronic switches and sensors relay switch components, touch-screen operation panel.

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